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Toodyay, one of Western Australia's oldest towns was established in the late 1830’s and is located less than an hours drive from Perth. It was declared a Historic Town in May 1980.

It is said to have been named after an aboriginal girl “Toodyeep” the wife of Coondebung who accompanied the party that discovered Toodyay. However there is another version that the name comes from the Aboriginal word “Duidgee”, meaning “place of plenty”, as there was an abundance of wild game and edible plants to be found in the area.

The original settlement was established on the Avon River some four kilometres west of the present town. As the area flooded consistently during the wet season, in 1860 it was decided to move to the present town site. The town was named “Newcastle” after Lord Lincoln, Duke of Newcastle.

In 1910 the name of Toodyay was adopted to avoid confusion with the town of Newcastle in New South Wales.

The beautiful valley with its rich soils saw the settlement of Toodyay quickly develop and become an important agricultural district.

Today Toodyay remains an agricultural district and is a small bustling country town nestled on the banks of the Avon River with exquisite views to be found all directions from the rolling hills. It is a perfect venue for day-trippers, tourists and motorcyclists. On most weekends the main street is lined with vintage cars and motorcyclists whose owners are enjoying a snack or meal at one of our Cafés, Restaurants or Hotels.

Visitors to Toodyay can enjoy a diverse range of experiences from the Moondyne Festival each spring that celebrates the exploits of the infamous bushranger Moondyne Joe who roamed the hills around Toodyay in the 1860's to a relaxing holiday at a 5 star retreat!

The Old Gaol Museum and Connors Mill, located in town serve as a museum and is a useful starting point for those interested in the history of the region. Step back in time and explore our rich heritage with 19th Century buildings and sites, many of which are classified by the National Heritage Trust.

Toodyay offers a variety of outdoor activities such archery, canoeing, fishing or visiting an alpaca or emu farm. Stunning country gardens, lavender fields and olive groves are scattered over the countryside.

Duidgee Park, situated on the banks of the Avon River is a popular park ideal for picnics with a large playground and toilet / barbecue facilities.

Early in 1976 a group of members of the Toodyay community decided to form a local Lions Club. They enlisted the assistance of their sponsor Club Wanneroo and with a starting membership of 29, the Toodyay Lions Club was formed on 14th September 1976 with Fred McKittrick as the first President and Hugh McGuiness the first Secretary.

Over the years the Toodyay Lions have taken on many and varied activities, some of which have become Annual Events that are eagerly anticipated by the community and the general public! One being our Jumbo Auction, which used to be conducted every 2 years, but due to its popularity and public demand, is now held every year late March or early April (depending on when Easter falls). Another popular annual event is our Chocolate Wheel that we run at the Toodyay Agricultural Show, a few years ago we decided against doing the Chocolate Wheel but received so many complaints about it not being there that we won't be doing that again!

Preparing and managing the overnight campsite at Cobblers Pool for the Avon Descent is a key annual activity that utilizes all our resources and we often obtain assistance from other local community groups to ensure that this mammoth task operates as smooth and successfully as possible and the financial reward is shared.

The majority of funds that we raise goes directly back to the Toodyay Community via donations for example to the Toodyay District School, Scouts and St John's Ambulance, as well as supporting young people who excel in their field to attend national and international competitions. Practical assistance is also provided by way of working bees for the elderly, disabled or needy of our community.

We also support the wider community with donations to the various Lions Foundations, other Lions Clubs and external organizations such as the Salvation Army, Red Cross, Royal Flying Doctor Service and once off appeals.

Lions Australia is part of an international association, filled with people who are joined by the common desire to make their communities better, by using their creativity, enthusiasm and energy.

Membership is open to all people of the community in good standing.

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